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Cloud Cyber Security Services​ 2021


Best Practices, Use Cases, PaC for Wherever You are in the Cloud Adoption, CI / CD DevSecOps, Shared Services Transformation and the Threat Intelligence Roadmap 

We are placed with some of world’s leading cybersecurity & risk advisories as well as cutting-edge, niche, consultancy practices providing guidance & professional services to prevent security breaches & attacks.


Our Consulting division works to identify leading causes of cyber breaches, vulnerabilities. Our expertise allows Cyber consulting practice to accurately identify, engage & attract cybersecurity experts that can either deliver to existing projects or engage with clients to advise and direct from a senior level.

Expert Areas

  • Threat & Vulnerability Intel and Data Lake

  • Application Security (SAST, DAST, IAST) E2E from the Ci/Cd Pipeline

  • Information Protection and Security Services 

  • Privileged Access Management and Authentication Modernization

  • Partner engagement, advisory, consulting and management

  • Managed Security Services (Penetration Testing, SOC Analysts and Operational Processes)

  • Secure Cloud Delivery & Engagement Management

  • Cloud, Shared Services Adoption

  • Cyber Security Engineering and Remediation Services

Threat Analytics & Intelligence


We use innovative technology and best-in-class threat intelligence to secure your networks, data, and users in real time - wherever they are.

Threat Intelligence


New to threat intelligence? We offer a turn-key solution that delivers threat intelligence driven protection in one, automated, powerful, and easy-to-use solution.

Data Breach 


Data breaches have had a devastating effect on many organizational reputations and financial bottom lines. Equifax, Target, and Yahoo have been the victims of a data breach. Now many people associate and remember those companies for their data breach incidents themselves, rather than their actual business operations. 

Contact us to get your Rapid Risk and Data Breach assessment.

Cloud Cyber Security

Cyber Cloud Native Convergence

  • Asset Visibility: What assets do I have in my clouds? What configuration do they have?

  • Security policies: What security regulations and standards does my cloud comply with? How can I resolve these issues? Do I comply with my organization’s internal security policies?

  • Continuous monitoring and immediate detection: How can I control that new assets continue to comply with security policies? What level of exposure does my product have?

  • Adapt security for CI/CD processes: Can I delegate security knowledge to a client or team? Can a DevOps know if its infrastructure is secure?

  • Automation of security policies: Can I enforce certain security policies?

Need help automating and converging?

Cloud Security Posture Assessment


CSPM is responsible for security assessment and security compliance monitoring (CIS, NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR…).

The CSPM tools include use cases for compliance assessment, operational monitoring, DevOps process integrations, incident response, risk identification, and risk visualization.

Within cybersecurity, fifth-generation attacks are increasingly targeting enterprise cloud environments, which are often vulnerable due to poor infrastructure configuration. In fact, we are seeing more and more articles about how cloud services misconfiguration is the main attack vector for attackers.

Engage us for a EdgeSecurityAssessment

Cloud Data Security


Organizations using the cloud should adopt security policies related to data security (actually, all organizations should adopt them, but with the cloud it’s even more important to do so).

This is mostly related to passwords and general security practices. The best cloud protection in the world won’t help you if you use simple-to-guess passwords, or if someone from your organizations reveals passwords and other sensitive data to potential Hackers and threat actors.
It’s important to have clearly defined security policies to prevent such scenarios.

Contact our EdgeCompute Cyber Practice for more details.

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