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About DMS Tech

"DMS Technologies


began the IT Cloud and Security Consultancy journey prior 2004 and grew to hold corporate presences in 12 US states, across the globe and expanded to several strategic offices in just under 5 years. We have experienced and seen it all; weathered and survived the technological storms, shifts, transformations, tremors; market dips, paradigm shifts, technological disruptions and financial crises.  We have expanded, thrived to become the leading choice in Cloud Security, Technology Architecture, Implementation, Management and Data Assurance.

Our rapid growth and success is no accident.  We have been keenly ahead of and involved in technology trends involved with some of the most cutting edge IT implementations.

In 2004 we were involved with infrastructure transformations and network conversions for two of the worlds largest banks and wealth management organizations.

In 2005 we engineered and implemented the very first virtualized, production cloud environment on the east coast.

In 2006 we were instrumental in supporting the development and first to implement the "Click-to-Call" technology you now see so commonly - the precursor to the AWS customer call-back feature.

In 2007 we transformed Back-up / Disaster & Recovery, technology roadvmapping and "NextGen" systems for major health care providers and auto manufacturing companies.

In 2008 we implemented some of the first virtualized storage, rapid provisioning, Thin Provisioning and virtualized platforms in the Banking, Finance and Wealth Management enterprises.  

In 2009 we were leading efforts to ensure greater Information Security standards and processes; integration and transformation of IAM systems, IT Audit and compliance processes, systems.

In 2010 - 2014 we successfully architected, designed, engineered and implemented one of the largest cloud system transformations for the nation's largest of banking and finance mergers in history - in the wake of the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

In 2015-2018 we returned to previous our clients to audit, build-out an epic, enterprise-wide Elastic Cloud Compute environment, Colocated Cloud Data Centers and Data Services; secure, consolidate, augment and bolster existing cloud services (BaaS, DBaaS, HaaS), and rapid provisioning platforms enough to offer services and rapid-provisioning and DevSecOps to rival that of Azure, AWS and Google.

For 2019-2021 we continued in our long tech-tradition in expanding our Cloud Security, IoT and Cyber Strategy consultancy services to some of the largest and well known Cloud Security, Data and Services Transformations and initiatives for top state agencies, multi-national concerns in the Financial Technology, Power, Utilities conglomerates and Advisory firms. 

We continue our tradition of providing the best-in-class, cutting edge technology offerings with our ever-expanding BigData, SDI, SDN, Security, AI / ML, Cloud Infrastructure, Crypto-BlockChain, DevSecOps, Cyber, Data & Perimeter Security, expertise and offerings 

-DMS Technologies, Inc. 2021


DMS Technologies, Inc.

Southeastern US Presences

  • N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC

  • Corp. Ctr. Dr. Raleigh, NC

  • Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC

  • Davis Dr.  RTP, NC 

  • International Dr. Orlando, FL


Northeastern US Presences

  • Pike Street New York, NYC 

  • Broad Street, New York NYC

  • Renaissance Ctr, Detroit, MI

  • Greenwich, CT


EMEA / Offshore Presences (2021)

  • Northwestern Europe 

  • Casablanca, MA

  • Dubai, UAE

  • Mumbai, IN

US EST Office hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

1-919-228-9852 | Main Office

1-347-433-6595 | New York City, NY

1-407-308-5909 | Orlando FL

DMS Technologies Inc.
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