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Cloud Risk / Resiliency

Cyber Security

Cloud Data

Edge & IT Solutions​ for a more secure enterprise computing environment

Cloud Cyber Risk Management Managing cyber risks on the journey to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud solutions

Cloud Computing

Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, Cloud Native App Security


Data Migration Services

World-class Cloud Advisory, Design and Implementation teams are fluent with all private / public / hybrid cloud technologies- including OpenStack, Cisco, VMWare, AzureStack, ThinkAgile, NetApp, AWS, Azure and GCP.  Addressing critical success paths for enterprises already on or those looking toward the cloud.

Detect threats before they attack

When it comes to detecting and mitigating threats, do you know which adversaries are planning an attack and what they are after? To stay ahead of threats, we can help you design, build, and implement a cyber threat modeling, data lake, analysis engines and intelligence program that deliver actionable intelligence for proactive security operations.

 Database Migration Service migrates databases to the Multi-Cloud securely, rapidly and without downtime-guaranteed. The source databases remain fully-operational to applications that rely on them. The DMS Technologies Inc. Cloud DMS - Database Migration Services migrates data to and from most widely used vendor and open-source databases.
Database Migration Service supports migrations such as Oracle, MSSQL and migrations between diverse database platforms, like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to AWS, Azure or GCP. With our Multi-Cloud Database Migration Services, you can continuously replicate your data with high availability and consolidate databases into a petabyte-scale data warehouse by streaming data.  Contact us today about the supported source and target databases.

Cyber & Application Security

DevSecOps Enablement

Secure Cloud & Edge Data Devices 

Cloud & Digital Transformation

Enterprises are looking for Service Assurance as the most important outcome of Cloud transformation initiatives. Business critical application workloads require speed, scale, security and stability in the public cloud environments. DMS is uniquely positioned to leverage its DevSecOps competencies and strategic partnerships to anchor such projects and ensure a seamless transition to the Cloud.

API  Security 

Cloud Computing


Cloud Data Services

IT Audit, Compliance &  Security Consultancy with a shared vision...

API / AppDevSecOps

Automatically build / deploy a positive security model ensuring only the traffic you want accessing your API is enforced and all of your Cloud Native API endpoints are protected

Benefiting from the existing capabilities of our Cloud NextGen WAF, CDN, Attack Analytics and Layer 3/4 DDoS protection, full stack application security solution secures that which is most important to both your websites and APIs, providing true defense-in-depth.


Cloud Computing We participate actively in the pilot program of clients on cloud migration and extend the relationship to production rollout. We have strategic partnerships with market leaders in cloud services to offer:

  • Structured assessment of enterprise readiness for cloud adoption

  • Configurable DevOps environments to Build, Test and Deploy rapidly

  • Migration of current Infrastructure and Services to a Cloud Environment

  • Hosted DevOps Enterprise Management Systems

  • Cloud Orchestration Services

  • Solutions and accelerators to fast forward your cloud initiatives


Cloud Risk & Resiliency  

  • Cloud Suitability & Readiness Assessment

  • Security Architecture & design for scale

  • Deployment for availability and resilience

  • Compliance and security considerations

  • Multi-industry consultancy & implementation expertise


Data Assurance, Aggregation, Analysis & Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud Data Security 

  • Data Protection & Masking 

  • Data Risk Analytics 

  • Vulnerability Discovery & Remediation

DMS Technologies Inc.
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